Introduction to Computers

Posted: November 18, 2009 in Computer Applications

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to this blog. It has been created to facilitate interactivity during this course.

Allow me to re-emphasize the fact the course should very exciting as we seek to discover the ways of incorporating technology in our day to day lives.

Welcome aboard.

Ochieng Michael
PS: I expect you to post a comment on your expectations for the course. Equally use the same forum to ask questions on issues requiring clarifications.

  1. Omwoyo Jonathan Nyang'ate says:

    Thank you for introducing us ( Students ) to this Blog, it will be a big privillage for us to use this to interact so as to achieve the biger goal of passing our exam, congratulations for thi great idea Sir .
    May we pray for the best us we interact during our course period and even beyond.
    Jonathan Omwoyo

  2. alice abekah says:

    what i expect from the course is that is should be achievable, fun, easy to understand,passable and above all to reach the expected goal which is apply it as a manager in my daily activities

  3. Vivian Angira says:


    by the end of the course as a manager I should be able to understand all the functions of the different types of ICT in order to be able to use each one of them where applicable. With this then I will also be able to move with every day change and improvement of ICT and this will enable me to fit in the ever changing world which will also be of a great benefit to the organization I work for.

  4. Laura Angira says:

    Interesting as it is ICT can be challenging but at the end of this learning period i expect to apply my then gained knowledge into the real businsess world and see my efforts and yours(as an instructor)
    Thank you.

  5. Beth Amondi Juma says:

    hello sir,
    this is so encouraging that we as students can be assisted very easily. my expectation is that ti find computer application to be fun, easy to understand and educative.
    Thank you sir.

  6. Violet okoth says:

    thank you sir for the introduction. Thanks also for introducing this website at least it will help us students learn more and participate fully always. i hope by the end of this course, I’ll be able to understand more and learn new things that i have no idea about the course and computers as a whole.

  7. Erick Otieno Ondiege says:

    I want to thank you for introducing us to computer application and to the wbsite.
    I expect this course to be exciting ,achievable and passable and also be able to use what i have learned in executing day to day operation at workplace and generally in daily life because the world today is I C T driven.

  8. Joan Ocholla says:

    My expectation for taking the course is that my computer knowledge and skills will expand and that I will be able to effectively apply it to my work. I hope the experience will be interesting too!

  9. Netta Gichohi says:

    Hallo Mr. Ochieng

    I must commend you for the bold step you have taken to open this blog. By the end of my training, I expect to be able to execute my challenges electronically with minimal supervision. I encounter many handicaps being kept abreast with dynamic computer applications. With this blog, I shall be able to understand all modalities of this important device (ICT). I believe with your supervsion I will learn and achieve alot.

    Thank you.

  10. CLARA ODHIAMBO says:

    Hallo am hoping to find the course intresting and helpful because technology is the order of the day in the present century. By the end of couse i expect to have gained more knowledge that would of help in the business field. THANK YOU.

  11. ELVINE OBINGA says:


    Hallo Sir,

    I appreciate so much your efforts and hope the website will be of good use to us as your students and mostly to catch up with the ever growing technology. I have not had enough time to go through but has been challenged by discussing fully the difference between deletion and backspacing. Let the class discuss it for us to get different views.

  12. Irene Ondara says:

    At the end of this course, I should be able to have the computer knowledge and apply it in my day to day work and career. Thank you.

  13. Rich Father says:

    Since we started this course you have strongly showed us you are ready to deliver big things so I expect to reap bigger or should I say I believe in bigger-better biggest -best and nothing less Mr Ochieng.

  14. 11. BYRON OMONDI SILVESTER – November 26, 2009
    Hi at the end of this course i expect to know more about ICT,By this i mean
    know computer application into details to help me in future in my career
    and also in my day to day activities.Since technology rules the world,and i expect to learn more from you as days goes by thanks.

  15. vincent jangu says:

    You have shown agreat encouragement to me as ihad abad impression about computers,ihope to gain more and to be well equiped with the recent technology in the world,thanks

  16. Beryl Onyango says:

    Hi. By the end of this course,I expect to have learnt more and even new things about ICT, networking,computers and computer application course outline in UoN. I also anticipate carrying out my daily tasks with ease in both my career and personal life as the world advances its technology. I also believe I shall have overcome the challenges I face in ICT. Thanks.

  17. Caroline Njeri Chege says:

    Hi, what more can we ask with this kind of commitment? you have the students at heart and we students need to take advantage of this website to advance in technology and apply it successfully in our respective fields. Thanks for the bright idea.

  18. Evans onyango ochieng says:

    Thanks alot for the intoduction. By the end of this course, i shall have aquired more knowledge on ICT.

  19. josephine apiyo says:

    as a public relation student it helps me to relate to people in distance through the exchange of information and also finding more about certain information that i may need during my job as per my course is concerned.

  20. fred owino says:

    this FRED this course would enable me pursue my carrier approprietly and have the better knowledge of it.thank u

  21. koskey cessna says:

    being in an ever changing dynamic ICT world, i believe the knowledge and tools i gain form your tutorship will enhance my marketability and prowess in the ICT market.Thanks!

  22. muga esther atieno says:

    Expecttaions : you give us your best and mould us to be your best students so far.
    : make our computer class as interactive and lively as possible.
    : to be supportive and create extra hours for our coaching.

    Limitations : avoid negative attitudes towards your students.

    Queries L What can do to be competent and enjoy computer class?
    : What do you do or how far have you gone that you can come to class without a book and competently teach?

    • Michael Ochieng says:

      Hello Esther,
      Regarding the queries you have raised. May I offer the following responses;
      a) To be competent and enjoy any area of study or learning, requires first and foremost, great motivation and desire to learn. The motivation to discover new things should be internalised.
      b) On the part of teaching without a books is as result years of teaching ICT. And besides that I am passionate about ICT.

      Hope I have answered you.

  23. FLORENCE ALUKO says:

    I expect to gain more knowledge on computer application, and this will make my work efficient. It will also make my work easier when doing research on various issues.

  24. GRACE TAMBO says:

    sir, thanks for the support you are giving us as your students.We appreciate and big up you for it.

  25. JAEL WASONGA says:

    I expect to have more knowledge on I.C.T especial on internet. It will sens collection, manipulation and sharing data and information. eases

    It will assist on research on certain issues e.g Medical field, Business field etc.

    Limitation – It is expensive buying the computer hardware.

    Queries – 1. How do you promote computer literacy in rural areas?
    2.How do you make internet access cheaper and faster?

  26. RUMONA MUSA says:

    Hall teacher

    Thank you for the effort you are putting in some of us who thought that
    knew working with computors yet we did not know. Hope you will bear
    with my slow learning. BE BLESSED as you continue bringing us up



    Thanks to the world of I.C.T. for the internet has provided a real library where researchers can collect secondary data effectively and economically. May you be blessed to be in a position to make me and others learn more about computers.


    sir, I believe that after completion of this course i shall be a better person having acquired knowledge on computers(ICT)

  29. Christopher Ndong'a says:

    Hi, thank you very much for the opportunity to learn ICT. the world of ICT is an ever changing one and I expect that by the end of this course i would have gained more knowledge of it and adapt to it.

  30. Susan Grace Ouma says:

    i am grateful for this opportunity that is available for us to learn more about computers and how I can benefit from this knowledge to help me in business management. I expect to have been more complient to the new computer technology and their usefulness to our businesses by the end of the class.

  31. RUMONA MUSA says:



    I am very glad to oppoturnity to comminicate to you about our class
    discussion it has come at the right time because I waned to know
    much about computer.

    I hope with my co-operation and much interest the class will be interesting
    to me and understand it. SO what I still dont understand how one can tackle question in computer.


    I am very much happy to be in this class of I.C.T because of the effort you have put to enable us achieve our expectations.At the end of these course i will be able to make good use of computer applications in Managerial field and personal uses.

  33. Sharon Ameda says:

    I thank you for the opportunity to learn ICT.I can benefit from this knowledge to help me in business management and to enable me know more about the computers.

  34. obongo kagori says:

    Yes Sir I just want know more about what I dont know and to let u know that there are same who does not know anything about comp.

  35. Ekassiba Jentrix says:

    Hi hereby thankyou for being one of my ICT lecturer who will help me know more about computers.I also hope ICT will help me in class discussion and become a strong ICT manager some few years to come.

  36. Belinda Nantambi says:

    Hi am glad to have this opportunity to be in the ICT class to learn more computers which will help me in managing various busineses worldwide and also in class discussion.

  37. hadulo joseph okello says:

    thank for the encouragement and knowledge that i have seen from you i would request for your support throughout my course, may God bless you.

  38. Joyce odiwa says:

    Technology changes with time and every opportunity in life, by the end of this lesson i would be glad to be part and parcel of the ever changing world of technology as it is required of a manager.

  39. HILLARY APOPA says:

    Hi am thankful for the far that you have brought us, so far so good the progress is okay but i would suggest that you implement the issue of using projector so that we can get to understand what you are teaching much better, since we do not have more computers for accessibility. God bless you.

  40. anne aboge says:

    thanks for introducing us to the class of ICT but please sir kindly look at the course outline because the community development students are not able to understand whether you had started earlier with the other students or not.

    kindly reply

  41. Dorice Okwiri says:

    sounds interesting to be in a computer class.At the end of the course
    i expect to be able to make good use of computer in my daily work.

  42. martha shikuku says:

    Hallo sir,thanks for this privilege, it feels good to be in your class. but am wondering whether i will be able to grasp something at the end of this course. Am one of the students, if there are any who doesn’t have any rough ideas about computers. We are a big class and i believe some of us have some knowledge about computers but i still believe that you will be able to assist me so that i become a computer guru like you.

    thank you

  43. Owino Mercy says:

    Am very glad for this opportunity to join this I.C.T class. I strongly believe, together with your efforts that at the end of it I’ll be able to achieve something applicable in managerial skills.

  44. WILLIAM OKOTH. says:

    Mwalimu,am very greatful that you are introducing this unit for the first time to me,never before had i touched a computer but i believe with your help am going to go places.


    hallo sir! thanx for introducing ICT to me i hope at the end of this course i will be able to apply ICT in my area of specialization.

  46. SHARON AMONDI says:

    Yes sir, i am very glad to join the I.C T class,and because of your efforts it makes me to put more efforts. Very sure by the end of this unit i will be able to achieve better in life.

  47. Gladys Kiptoo says:

    Hello Sir,

    Thanks for introducing the blog. I personally appreciate it and hope that by at the end of the course I’ll have gained more knowledge and be able to use it competently. Good day!

  48. Alfred Onyango says:

    With the every day improvement in ICT I believe that by the end of the course I shall be able to understand computer applications which will enable me to fit in the ICT world thus applying what I will have learnt in my work. This should enable me to be at par with every new technology that comes in.

  49. Robert Kagori says:

    Recho Makokha.
    Hello Sir,
    Thanks for the opportunity to help us make our comments in your blog. As time goes by I will be posting my questions. Thanks and keep it up.

  50. Recho makokha says:

    Recho Makokha.
    Hello Sir,
    Thanks for the opportunity to help us make our comments in your blog. As time goes by I will be posting my questions. Thanks and keep it up.

  51. This is a opportunity for us to interract and learn from one another

  52. Alfred Onyango says:

    Alfred Onyango,
    Yes Sir,
    Am glad you have allowed us to register in your blog. This will help me post my questions as often as possible. Thanks in advance.

  53. Osborn Ndolo says:

    Osborn Ndolo,
    Hi Teacher,
    Thanks for the blog. This is going to help us move faster and learn easily. We will interact more with time, thanks.

  54. ODERO GEORGE says:

    I hereby congratulate my study of I.C.T. as one of the beneficial unit that encourage me to connect through hyper media links. It is also helpful to me in my area of duties as a manager.

  55. Syprose Juma says:

    Syprose Juma,
    Thank you so much for the blog you given us. Am registering so that we can keep in touch for any comment and questions. Thanks and good time.

  56. SHARON AMONDI says:

    Sir, i am grateful to join your class of I.C.T for the first time.And i am sure after the course i will be able to achieve better in life through the use of different types of computers.

  57. Hi Sir,

    We expect nothing other than commitment, which will thus bring or give us distinctions to enable us achieve our own goals.

    Once more thanks and we have high hopes in you that you will see us through this process.

    Kind Regards
    Collins Odhiambo

  58. Am very greatful for whatever being taught i expect to learn more of this


    I have been doing computer just for what to do but now I have realized that computer has alot please keep on explaining very clear so that slow learners can understand.

  60. rachel celine says:

    The earth Simulator is one of the world’s most powerful supercomputers. It’s key uses are as follows:

    1. Capable of processing vast volume of data sent from satellite, buoys and other world wide observation point.

    2. Predicting environmental changes on the earth through the simulation of various global scale envrionmental phenomena such as global warming, El Nino effect, atmospheric and marine pollution, torrential rainfall and other complicated environmental effects.


    ASCll CODE Stands for american standard code for information interchange.
    A: 01000001 a:011100001 space:01000001

  62. well mwalimu the course seems so interesting and the fact that most of our assignments will be done online makes it even better because by this we will be able to be knowledgeable in computer application.yes its true i am starting to enjoy your class and Yes we will all give you dinstiction

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